12. 10. 2006 - ČSA has the best flight regularity out of 26 European airlines

Prague, 12 October 2006

Czech Airlines (ČSA) came first in the August rankings for flight regularity out of 26 airlines in the Association of European Airlines (AEA). The airline was also ranked second for the first eight months of 2006. ČSA has thus outstripped its competitors, including airlines such as Lufthansa or British Airways in flight regularity.

In August, 88.6 percent of Czech Airlines flights were performed on time (according to AEA methodology, with a delay of less than 15 minutes). The average for all AEA airlines was 77 percent. ČSA also came first in the percentage of departures with a delay of up to three minutes (71.8 percent). In total, since the start of the year, 86 percent of ČSA flights have departed on time, whereas the average for the AEA was 78.2 percent. ČSA claimed first place in the overall table for all flights in August and also in the airline rankings for medium, long-haul and domestic services.

Czech Airlines has been systematically engaged in ensuring the highest possible level of regularity in its flight operations since 2004. “Flight regularity is one of the important priorities for ČSA,” said the Vice President of ČSA for flight operations, Jan Janík. Whereas in 2003, ČSA came in somewhere around twentieth in the AEA flight rankings, the company was already sixth in 2004 and 2005. ČSA finished the first half of this year in fourth place, second for the first eight months and first in August itself.

“We found ten morning services departing from Prague or returning from abroad after a night away with a regular delay, which then caused a delay in the subsequent flights,” explained Jan Janík. “We announced a motivation programme for the operations staff, which was focused on ensuring the timely departure of the following service if the previous flight returned late.”

Nevertheless, the company itself can only influence part of the delay, for example by speeding up the preparation of the plane for its next flight if the previous one is delayed. The most frequent cause of delay is, however, airspace congestion. Other common reasons for delay are restrictions at the destination airport, check-in problems or bad weather. On the contrary, technical problems of ČSA aircraft only have a negligible impact on the number of delays.

Daniela Hupáková
ČSA Spokesperson