5. 2. 2007 - ČSA is the second most punctual of 26 European airlines

Prague, 5 February 2007

Czech Airlines (ČSA) finished second last year in the ranking of the punctuality of the flights of the 26 most significant airlines associated in the Association of European Airlines (AEA).  In flight punctuality, ČSA thus surpassed nearly all competitors.  ČSA’s punctuality on long-haul and domestic services is the best in Europe.

“Flight punctuality is one of ČSA’s top priorities” said Jan Janík, Vice-President for Flight Operations.  Whereas in 2003, ČSA ranked 20th in AEA flight punctuality, in 2004 and 2005 it took 6th place.  Last year, ČSA finished 4th in the first quarter, and 2nd for the year as a whole.  The airline even took first place in the months of August and December.

Overall, ČSA operated 73,024 flights from Prague and foreign destinations.  During the winter flight schedule, ČSA offers connections to 120 destinations in 45 countries.

Czech Airlines directed a significant amount of attention to fighting flight delays last year.  “Aside from thoroughly monitoring the punctuality of each individual flight, and from assessing the causes leading to delays, we identified ten morning flights that left Prague, or were returning from a night abroad, with regular delays, causing delays of subsequent flights,” explained Jan Janík.  “We have announced a motivational programme for our employees, focused on ensuring the timely departure of flights, and have made the punctuality of flights a significant operational parameter, second only to flight safety.”

The Airline can only influence some of the factors contributing to delays, such as by accelerating the preparation of an airplane for the next flight, in the case of its late arrival.  The most frequent cause of delays, however, is the over-crowded airspace, and recently also the limited capacity for passenger security checks at airports.  Poor weather is also one of the frequent causes of delays.  By contrast, technical problems with ČSA aircraft only account for a negligible number of delays.

Daniela Hupáková
ČSA Spokesperson