30. 01. 2014 - Collective Agreements for the next year have been entered into by Czech Airlines and its Trade Unions

Prague, 30 January 2014 

Today, at 11 a.m., Czech Airlines management and representatives of all five trade unions active within the company signed all common and specific parts of Collective Agreements, as a result of negotiations carried out over the past few months in a most constructive manner. This is an important step in the quest for increased competitiveness of Czech Airlines. The new Collective Agreements’ terms of validity terminate on 31 December 2014.

I am very happy that Czech Airlines has followed the tradition of constructive negotiations regarding Collective Agreements, which commenced towards the end of 2012. It has been proven once again that only those negotiations started early enough lead to mutually-acceptable results. Common sense and facts prevailed again this year. As a result, we were able to enter into new agreements before the original ones had expired. By signing these agreements, Czech Airlines took another important step towards reaching its goal of increased competitiveness, a vital condition for the company’s further growth. I would like to thank all parties involved in the negotiations,” said Philippe Moreels, Czech Airlines President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

I was pleased with the constructive approach adopted by the trade union representatives who fully realised the need for greater flexibility of crew members and shorter and more flexible terms of validity of the Collective Agreements. These were the two main objectives of the company management when the collective agreement negotiations commenced last year. Both issues have been incorporated into the wording of the new agreements, which are shorter and less complicated. This is indeed good news for Czech Airlines with regard to its further development,” added Martin Štolba, Czech Airlines Executive Director of Business and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The part common to all signed Collective Agreements remains virtually intact, whereas specific paragraphs contain the above mentioned increase in flexibility of crew members, i.e. more efficient and variable planning of air crew work, in line with seasonality and other factors. The resulting model represents a system that allows for better use of all crews based on current operations and company needs.

List of Trade Unions and Associations within Czech Airlines:
Czech Association of Air Traffic Controllers (CZALDA)
Czech Airline Pilots’ Association (CZALPA)
Czech Cabin Crew Union (OOPL)
Trade Union of Transport (OSD)
Trade Union of Aviation Employees (OSZL)

Daniel Šabík
Spokesperson of Czech Airlines