Czech Airlines Logo

  • The Czech Airlines logo, together with the alliance logo, is used on all materials. ¨
  • The Czech Airlines logo, without the alliance logo, is used in the following cases only:
           - When placed on politically-oriented materials (political campaigns, support of political parties,
           - When sponsoring, if the sponsored activity is contrary to SkyTeam alliance objectives
             and interests.*
           - When 2-3 alliance members logos are used commercially.*
  • The minimum size of the common Czech Airlines and SkyTeam Alliance logo is 9 mm.
  • The SkyTeam alliance logo may never be used separately, even if the airline logo is used in another part of the document.

* Assessment, or possible approval to use, the common Czech Airlines and SkyTeam logo in disputable cases can be made by the alliance team – Advertising/Brand.


Logotype colours

Pantone logotype colours:

          PANTONE 294 CV                             PANTONE 186 CV


CMYK logotype colours:

          C = 100                                             C = 0
                      M = 56                                                         M = 91
                      Y = 0                                                            Y = 76
                      K = 18                                                          K = 6