Czech Airlines Logo

  1. The Czech Airlines logo, together with the alliance logo, is used on all materials.
  2. The Czech Airlines logo, without the alliance logo, is used in the following cases only:
    - When placed on politically-oriented materials (political campaigns, support of political parties, etc.)
    - When sponsoring, if the sponsored activity is contrary to SkyTeam alliance objectives and interests.*
    - When 2-3 alliance members logos are used commercially.*
  3. The minimum size of the common Czech Airlines and SkyTeam Alliance logo is 9 mm.
  4. The SkyTeam alliance logo may never be used separately, even if the airline logo is used in another part of the document.

* Assessment, or possible approval to use, the common Czech Airlines and SkyTeam logo in disputable cases can be made by the alliance team – Advertising/Brand.

Logotype colours

Pantone logotype colours:


CMYK logotype colours:

C = 100
M = 56
Y = 0
K = 18
C = 0
M = 91
Y = 76
K = 6