Information for applicants


  1. Age – minimum 19 years
  2. Education – completed secondary education as a minimum
  3. Excellent command of the English language and a good command of another language (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic)
  4. Excellent health condition
  5. Very good psychological and physical abilities (must also be able to swim a minimum of 100 metres)
  6. Pleasant appearance, perfect social interaction skills
  7. Specific requirements:
  • Height
    Women: 160-185 cm
    Men: 160-190 cm

  • Weight:
    BMI – Body Mass Index is used to calculate weight – one’s body weight in kilograms is divided by the square of one’s body height in metres: BMI = body weight (kg) divided by square of height (m).
    BMI = 19-24.9 is considered satisfactory

If you have decided to join us, send in the application form and we will put you on file.
We will contact you when a selection process is being announced.
These are irregular and are according to the airline’s needs.

CSA cannot provide accommodation.