Waste Water Treatment

In 2006, the reconstructed neutralisation station was approved for use; this station is used to treat waste water from the galvanisation line, which should lead to a further reduction in the emissions discharged into surface water. 
Important projects are planned for 2007, which should result in further significant reductions in the pollution caused by waste water.  These include the completion of the renovation of oil/water separators for catering facilities, and a project for a central wastewater treatment plant in Hangar F, due to be completed in 2008.

In its long-term efforts to reduce water consumption and wastewater contamination, Czech Airlines has modified certain repair procedures and is planning to make improvements at other workplaces.  Pre-treated wastewater from repair operations is channelled into the complex sewage system and is re-treated in the wastewater treatment plant operated by the Prague Airport Corporation.


The management of waste generated by the operations of Czech Airlines is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation.  The generation of individual types of waste is constantly monitored, with a view to primarily reducing the quantity of hazardous waste.
Waste sorting permits the effective re-use of sorted materials (paper, glass, thin aluminium, various plastics, metal, and wood) and is economically beneficial.  Enduring efforts to increase the share of reusable waste initiated the construction of a sorting line – its launch is planned in early 2008.

Consumption of De-icing Fluid

De-icing fluid is used to eliminate and prevent ice build-up on aircraft prior to takeoff.  At Czech Airlines, we use two types of de-icers for the de-icing of our aircraft.  The first type is used for the actual de-icing of aircraft (it is good for dissolving snow and ice), while the second type is used to prevent aircraft from freezing (a layer attaches itself to aircraft thanks to a special structure of polymers).
The level of de-icing consumption depends primarily on the weather. In 2006, 261,525 litres of de-icer and 23,795 litres of ice build-up prevention fluid were consumed, in the de-icing of the aircraft of Czech Airlines and those of its contractual partners. Used de-icing is disposed of by Prague Airport.  In 2006, only non-dyed de-icing fluid was used.  In the future, in line with trends in air transport, we are considering using dyed de-icing; this will reduce consumption because it will be applied more precisely to aircraft.