Special Offers

This summer, every flight you take with us will turn into a mini party in the skies. Every passenger will be offered a complimentary shot of Becherovka or Jameson with the refreshments served. Underage travellers may look forward to such treats as a pack of Oreo cookies or tickets to visit Aqua Palace Prague for free. Moreover, all our summer flights are offered at great summer prices!


Departure Warsaw

ToType of tripPrice from 
PragueRoundtrip490 PLN Book now
MilanRoundtrip306 PLN*Book now
RomeRoundtrip883 PLN Book now
MadridRoundtrip1 054 PLN Book now
BarcelonaRoundtrip946 PLN Book now
SplitRoundtrip1 387 PLN Book now
NiceRoundtrip994 PLN Book now
BrusselsRoundtrip1 732 PLN Book now
ToType of tripPrice from 
BratislavaRoundtrip871 PLN Book now
BucharestRoundtrip951 PLN Book now
Tel AvivRoundtrip1 362 PLN Book now
TbilisiRoundtrip1 184 PLN Book now
AlmatyRoundtrip2 574 PLN Book now
YerevanRoundtrip1 213 PLN Book now
SeoulRoundtrip2 757 PLN Book now
TashkentRoundtrip1 754 PLN Book now