Travellers' Checklist

Finding out what all you should know and do before you set out on a trip may not be easy.  We have prepared a practical checklist for you, to make your travel preparations easier.

Travel Documents and Visas

Before you travel, ensure that you have a valid passport for all of the countries to which you are flying or in which you are making a transfer.  Most countries require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travels.  In case you loose your passport, you should make a copy and store it in a different bag than the original.

Also check whether you do need a visa for the country to which you are travelling or where you will make a transfer.  Best for this purpose is the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (, which offers a current list of countries to which Czech citizens do not need a visa.  The website also offers contact information for the embassies and consulates of other countries, to which entry is subject to a visa.

Health and Vaccination

Consult a physician before your trip, especially if:

  • You are undergoing medical treatment
  • You suffer from a chronic disease
  • If you have been hospitalised recently
  • If you are pregnant (more information for pregnant women can be found here)

If you are travelling to exotic countries, you should contact your physician 6 – 8 weeks before you fly, and consult with him about any vaccination you may require.

Contact Information

Travel equipped with the following contact information:

  • The Czech embassy or consulate at your destination
  • Your health insurance company
  • The local Czech Airlines office

Check in

There are three ways to check in for Czech Airlines flights:

  • In the departures concourse before you fly
  • Via the Internet
  • on self service kiosk

For details on ways to check in, read here.

Packing your Bags

Before you pack your bags, find out about all of the restrictions and rules governing the carriage of your bags by air:

  • How large and how heavy your carry-on and checked luggage can be on your flight
  • Never put valuables in your checked luggage
  • All personal documents, money, valuables, and medications should be carried in your carry-on bag
  • Pack all sharp objects, liquids and gels in your checked bag, and abide by the security regulations governing which items may be carried in your carry-on bag.

Changing Money

On your travels, you will usually need the local currency.  How to get it?

  • There are money exchange bureaus at most airports, where commonly used currencies can be exchanged (but note that the range and amount of money may be restricted)
  • At large airports, there are usually bank branches offering money changing services
  • If you are travelling to a country less popular among tourists, change money before you fly (and be mindful of any customs restrictions regulating how much cash can be brought into the particular country).

Special Services (Assistance)

If you require greater attention and assistance from our staff on your travels, please inform us when you book your ticket.  We will be glad to provide special services to passengers with health restrictions, and unaccompanied children.

  • Travelling with Children
  • Unaccompanied Minors
  • Travelling with Animals

Flight Schedule

Stay on top of all your connections while you travel!  You can download our flight schedule into your computer and always have it handy.  Our website also provides a real-time overview of all of the arrivals and departures of Czech Airlines flights.


In addition to tickets to your destination, we will gladly arrange accommodation for you.

  • If you do not have accommodation arranged at your destination, you can book a hotel room directly from our website and save.
  • Have the address of your hotel handy – in some countries, this information has to be filled into a landing or immigration card before you land.

Driving to the Airport and Hiring a Car after Arrival

Before you fly, find out about the parking options at the airport and the prices of parking.  Check how long before your flight you have to check in, and how long it will take you to get to the airport.
If you are considering hiring a car at your destination, use our “Fly and Drive” service and get a discount for Czech Airlines passengers.

Security Check at the Airport

Set aside enough time for the airport security check, especially at peak times of day.  Please respect the following rules:

  • Access to the security check area is only permitted to passengers with a valid boarding pass
  • All electronic devices, such as mobile (cellular) telephones or portable computers pass through an X-ray check; a computer must be taken out of its bag and placed in the X-ray machine separately 
  • You must present your passport and a valid boarding pass at the security check
  • Travel in shoes which you will be able to easily take off and put back on during a security check
  • Remember that your belt, jacket, sweater, etc. will also go through the security check
  • Before you pass through the metal detector, do not forget to take all metal items out of your pockets
  • Security Regulations


You can pass the time waiting for your flight in the pleasant environment offered by the 390 VIP Lounges all over the world.  Access to these lounges is free for all Business Class passengers and OK Plus Gold Card holders, or the members of other frequent flyer clubs.  Other passengers may use the services of VIP Lounges for a fee.  For more information on lounge access and their services, approach our staff during check-in.

  • Crystal Lounge
  • VIP Lounges around the world

While On Board

Dring the flight, our cabin crews will gladly offer you the following services:

  • Refreshments (a selection of cold and warm dishes and beverages, depending on the type of flight)
  • In-flight entertainment (audio, films, moving map)*
  • In-flight sales (Sky Shop)

*available on selected routes


If your flight involves a transfer, make sure that you are checked through to your final destination.  If you do not have a boarding pass for your connecting flight, find the TRANSFER desk immediately upon arriving at the transfer airport, and check in for your connecting flight.