Special Care


Travelling with Children

Children, even those who have not been born yet, are among our most valued passengers.  The following information is designed for children and expectant mothers.

We offer special rates and services for your children, depending on the age of the child.

Expectant Mothers:

Up to the 34th week of pregnancy

  • If you do not have any health complications in your pregnancy, you can travel on Czech Airlines flights without a medical certificate issued by your doctor.
  • If you do have medical problems, if your previous pregnancy was a multiple pregnancy, or if complications are expected at delivery, a confirmation from your doctor must be presented, on the prescribed MEDIF medical certificate.

Children Under 2 Years (infants), travelling with adult passengers:

  • Infants can travel in the lap of an adult passengers, or have their own seat.
    • For an infant  not entitled to a seat, you will usually pay  10%  of the applicable tariff (  if the tariff conditions allow  a discount for an infant).
    • For an infant  who has his/her own seat, you will usually  pay 75% of the applicable tariff (if the tariff conditions allow child discount of 25%).
      • During take-off, landing, and at any time during the flight when the fasten-seatbelt sign is switched on, your child must sit in your lap and wear a seatbelt attached to yours, or must be seated in and fastened in his/her own car seat certified for use in airplane . The car seat must be certified according to the European standard and have the ECE R44/03 label, or have the notice THIS RESTRAINT IS CERTIFIED FOR USE IN MOTOR VEHICLES AND AIRCRAFT. In order to safely fasten a car seat to a seat on board an aircraft, the bottom of the car seat must not exceed a depth of 41 cm (16 inches) and a width of 42 cm (16.5 inches).
  • On flights operated by Czech Airlines, you can travel with up to two children under two years of age.
    • The second child must have a confirmed seat reservation and his/her own infant car seat certified for airplane travel (or a specially certified Czech Airlines infant seat which is designed for children over 6 months of age and can be requested at no charge when you book a seat).
  • Infants without own seat on board a plane are entitled to a free carriage of one piece of checked baggage up to 10 kg and with maximum dimensions of 115 cm (width + height + depth).
    • In addition to regular baggage you can have a folding buggy (or a portable crib or a sleeping bag, or an infant car seat).
  • A small folding buggy can be taken right to the aircraft door, where it is handed over and stowed in the aircraft hold.  Upon arrival, the buggy is brought to the aircraft during the disembarkation.
  • On board aircraft types A319/320/330 in Business Class and on board aircraft type A330 in economy class, a child can be put in a carrycot with a capacity of 11 kg (24 lbs) and dimensions of 75 x 32 x 22 cm / 29x13x8 in (length x width x height); the carrycot must be requested when you book a seat.
  • During the flight, the smallest children can get special refreshments (a baby meal must be ordered at the time of ticket purchase)
    • The food you bring with you in a bottle can be warmed up on board.  (Note: The carriage of baby food on board is subject to security regulations).

Children Aged 2 to 12 Years:

  • Your children have their own ticket with a special children’s tariff.
  • They have the same baggage allowance as adults.
  • On the airplane, your children are seated with you.

Caring for Your Health - Before the Flight

To make sure that you feel well during the flight and experience no health problems, we have prepared several tips for you to consider before your flight.


Flying and Health

Although flying is a safe way to travel, it can cause medical difficulties to some passengers.  If you have any doubts, consult your travel plans with your physician.

Particularly if:

  • You are undergoing medical treatment
  • You suffer from a chronic diseases
  • You have been hospitalised recently
  • You are pregnant

Special Care for Passengers

If you have any special requirements for your trip, whether due to your medical condition or for different reasons, we will be glad to provide you our assistance services. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Fear of Flying

Many people are afraid of flying.  To help you overcome your fear, we recommend:

  • Consult your physician – he/she can prescribe medication to help you calm down
  • Talk to our staff about your fear of flying before the flight – they will answer your questions concerning flying, and will stand by, ready to assist you at any time

Preventing Jet Lag

Flying across several time zones causes disorders in your body’s synchronisation (what is known as jet lag).  They manifest themselves through greater fatigue, sleeplessness, problems with concentration, nausea, and low performance.  In order to minimise their impact, we recommend that you get accustomed to being in a different time zone gradually:

  • When flying east: go to bed earlier, several days before your flight
  • When flying west: try to go to sleep as late as possible
  • When you arrive, try to adapt to the local time – set your watch and try to go to bed according to the local time right away
  • Try to sleep as much as possible the first night after your arrival
  • Try to avoid stress and great activity during the first two days after your arrival
  • Try to avoid using sleeping pills – they would disrupt your biorhythm even more

Caring for Your Health - During the Flight

We strive to make you feel as good as possible during your flight.  We pay a great deal of attention to your health and comfort on board.


Caring for Your Comfort

We strive to make your time spent on board Czech Airlines pleasant.  An integral part of a successful flight is enjoying high-quality refreshments.  You can look forward to balanced, diverse, and light meals, and an extensive selection of beverages.

You will be seated in comfortable, reclining seats.  On selected flights, your comfort will be enhanced with a blanket and a small pillow.  You time will pass faster when you listen to music or watch films and travel documentaries (in-flight entertainment).  On selected flights, Business Class passengers are offered a gift set to enhance their comfort on longer flights (a so-called amenity kit).


Caring for Your Health

Our crews undergo regular first-aid training.  Your cabin crews will provide qualified care to passengers who should experience medical difficulties during their flight.  Each aircraft carries first-aid medical supplies.  All our long-haul aircraft are also equipped with defibrillators.

In the event of serious medical complications, the crew will find out whether there is a doctor on the flight, and/or contact help on land.  Immediately after arrival, the patient is handed over to doctors for professional treatment or transport to a hospital.



Flying may cause nausea in certain people.  We offer you several tips on how to prevent nausea:

  • Do not fly on an empty stomach: eat light meals before and during the flight, such as fruit, vegetables, salad, cookies
  • Do not drink alcohol, coffee, or black tea
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not eat spicy or heavy meals before the flight
  • Tank up on vitamin B1 before your flight (found for example in artichokes, asparagus, fish, natural rice, pork, and wheat products)
  • Ginger also helps fight nausea, so enjoy a cup of natural ginger tea, which has no side-effects on your body
  • Select an aisle seat close to the wings, where the aircraft shakes the least
  • If necessary, consult your physician about taking nausea medication


Although flying offers the fastest means of transport, long-haul flights mean many hours of sitting, and do not allow for sufficient movement.  This can cause blood circulation problems for some passengers.  Therefore we recommend that you adhere to the following rules, especially during long flights:

  • Drink sufficient volumes of water
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, and black tea
  • Unless you have to, do not use tranquilising or sleep medication
  • Take a walk from time to time during a long flight
  • Do exercises to enhance blood circulation in your legs (examples of recommended exercises can be found in the Czech Airlines Review in-flight magazine)
  • If you have problems with circulation, use compression stockings during the flight
  • If you use medication, always carry it on you