Check-in at a Check-in Desk

At certain airports, you will find a separate desk for handling Czech Airlines flights, so-called dedicated check-in.  At most airports, however, several flights are handled at the same time at each desk (so-called common check-in).  In that case, look for the number of the check-in desk specified in the airport information system and the class in which you are travelling.  Desks designated “Baggage drop off only” are reserved for the drop-off of the baggage of those passengers who are using electronic forms of checking in, such as Internet Check-in or CUSS (self-serve check-in kiosk).

Notice: Report for the check in of your flight sufficiently in advance.  At Prague Ruzyně Airport, check-in closes 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  On flights to Beirut, Riyadh and Tel Aviv, check in closes 60 minutes before the flight.