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You can only gain with the OK Plus Corporate programme.  We have designed it to make your business travel as pleasant as possible.

The five Main Advantages of OK Plus Corporate

  1. Reducing Your Company’s Costs
    By gaining reward tickets for the flights of your employees, you will save on costs for their future business trips.
  2. Free Membership
    With the OK Plus Corporate Programme, we thank you for using the services of Czech Airlines.  That is why membership is entirely free of charge.
  3. Rewards for Employees and Business Partners
    You can use reward tickets to reward your employees for their work, or give it to one of your company’s major business partners.
  4. Account Maintenance and Bookings via the Internet
    You can easily manage your company’s account through your computer.  Enter into the system the numbers of the tickets that you have purchased, and then see the points accrue in your account.  Once you reach the required threshold, you will be able to book a reward ticket yourselves.
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