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We said a good-bye to the year 2005 and thanked all of our loyal customers for their cooperation at a pre-Christmas get-together and with a “Kalich” theatre performance. We would like to thank our customers for their close and successful cooperation once again and are looking forward to the same this year!


The following companies won our “Biggest Mover of 2005” competition:

  • 1st place: One Gold OK Plus card - BIRKART CR, Mezinárodní zasílatelství s.r.o.
  • 2nd position: One Silver OK Plus card - Mediasped s.r.o.

Congratulations to the winners, and we wish each and every one of you success in the coming year!


On 3 November 2005, CSA Cargo lent its support to the second annual logistics forum, LOG-IN 2005, through active participation in, and sponsorship of, the gala organized for this occasion.  The LOG-IN forum is devoted to innovations and new projects in the field of logistics.  Over 250 logistics professionals from various industries and buisnesses participated in the business-mixer style gala at the Michna Palace, Újezd.  A rich programme of games and competitions were prepared by the organizer and the evening attracted many guests to the CSA Cargo stand as well.



We would like to inform you that a new price list for the extra charges applied to the handling of your shipments is effective from 1 November 2005.  The new prices are available at the Handling Services section and at the CSA Cargo Customer Centre.

CSA Cargo at the 3rd International Fair for Transport and Logistics in Brno

As we mentioned was our intention, CSA recently participated, as an exhibitor, at yet another International Fair for Transport and Logistics held in Brno.  The fair was held together with the 47th International Engineering Fair on 3-7 October.

CSA Cargo (exhibiting itself in its traditional red and blue colours) inaugurated the fair at its stand by announcing the results of its contest for the highest revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2005 for defined destinations. The results were as follows:

  • 1st Place: 1 OK Plus Gold Card and 2 OK Plus Silver cards
    BIRKART CR, Mezinárodní zasílatelství s.r.o.
  • 2nd Place: 1 OK Plus Gold Card and 1 OK Plus Silver Card
    DHL Express (Czech Republic) s.r.o.
  • 3rd Place: 1 OK Plus Silver Card

    Winners of tickets (according to their wish) to European destinations served by CSA also were drawn as a reward for completing questionnaires (regarding customer satisfaction with our services) which were distributed in August.

    We would like to congratulate all the winners once again.

    The evening continued on a festive note with a get-together, especially with our largest clients, in a wine cellar in Hustopeče, as a part of a “gala evening” (a part of the 10th International Logistics Conference – CSA Cargo was one of its sponsors) organized by the Czech Logistics Association.


    The following day, the Czech Minister of Transport, Milan Šimonovský, also visited our stand.


    Business meetings with our current and potential clients and discussions with experts and the general public, e.g., students of transport colleges, were held in our stand.

    An undisputed advantage of the fair this year was its connection with the Engineering Fair as it offered greater opportunities for future commercial success and higher attendance.

    We believe that all the visitors to our stand and the fair as a whole were as satisfied as we were, and we look forward to future similar meetings in the future. 



    In conclusion, we would like to thank all of you who participated in our sales results.  Over the first six months of this year, we transported 11 014 tons of cargo and mail.  In our terminal we handled 15 114 tons of cargo which is 58% of the market share at Prague-Ruzyně Airport.


    It has become a tradition for CSA to exhibit at the International Fair for Transport and Logistic in Brno, and this year, the 3rd annual event to be held on 3-7 October, is no different.  We would like to invite you to visit our CSA Cargo kiosk, located in Pavilion A1 (Kiosk 54). This year, for the first time ever, one of the most important logistic forums in the Czech Republic will be a part of the fair – the 10th international logistic conference – “Logistics a driving force of the global business and global cooperation”.  The Czech Logistic Association in cooperation with Veletrhy Brno organize the conference and CSA Cargo is one of the sponsors.


    We are fully aware that you, our customers are our most precious source of information.  If we know all your priorities, and we get honest evaluation of our work – we will be able to satisfy your needs directly! For this very reason, we have set up a special box for you at our CSA Cargo Centre.  Here you can tell us all your wishes, absolutely anonymously, and also any problems you have had when cooperating with us so that we can fix them. We asked you recently to fill in our service survey and we would like to thank those who gave us the great feedback. We hope to uncover any large or small problems and any needs you may have. We want you always to be satisfied with our mutual cooperation.


    As of this August we have also expanded the sales network of our SkyTeam Cargo Equation product to additional destinations, namely, Brussels and ViennaEquation is a product for express shipments and its main advantage is the shortest possible time for handling at the departure and destination points, including guaranteed loading on the first possible flight without booking.  Guaranteed handling times for import shipments are 90 minutes after arrival of the flight and 90 minutes before departure for export shipments (in Vienna within 60 minutes only!).  We will be happy to provide you with detailed information at the CSA Cargo Info line: 220 115 333.


    On 15th July 2005, CSA launched a regular service between Prague and Žilina, thus renewing a connection to the third-largest Slovak city after more than 25 years, when the last regular flight landed at the airport in Žilina.
    In the summer season, CSA operates its flight to Žilina on weekdays and Sundays, with a departure from Prague at 12:55, and arrival in Žilina at 13:30. The flight back to Prague departs at 14:15 and arrives in Prague at 15:25.  The flight is flown by ATR42-500’s – representatives of the newest generation of ATR turbo-prop aircraft.

    Another new destination as of 1st August 2005 where cargo can be transported is Karlovy Vary (export from Karlovy Vary is not possible).  Regular flights are operated by Boeing 734’s on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, departing from Prague at 10:20 and arriving in Karlovy Vary 10:50, and on the same days in the summer season departing from Moscow at 17:15 and arriving at 18:20.  All year round an Airbus A320 is operated to Karlovy Vary, leaving Moscow at 14:45 and arriving in Karlovy Vary at 15:50.


    On 3rd July 2005, Saudi Arabian Airlines resumed, after a year-long break, its summer operations to Prague.  A Boeing 777 departs from Riyadh on Sundays early morning at 01:10 and arrives in Prague at 8.10.  It leaves Prague on the same day at 11.50 and arrives in Riyadh at 20:30 and in Jeddah at 23:05.  The flight will be operated until 18th September 2005.
    CSA Cargo not only handles Saudi Arabian Airlines, but it is also its general sales agent for the Czech Republic.  The booking of shipments is similar as with Korean Air (CSA is also the general sales agent of KE).  CSA Cargo can be reached at our Info line: 220 115 333.


    CSA Cargo announced a special offer for its largest customers for the period of July-August – “Summer 2005” to 46 selected destinations.  Since August the offer has been extended by 8 additional destinations, when the long-haul flights – Cairo, Colombo, and Dubai, were added to CSA’s European and American destinations.


    After the successful appointment of Martina Koutníkova, Manager for Sales and Marketing, on 1st July, our team was enlarged by the arrival of a new sales agent for the Czech Republic, Ms. Iva Dubská.

    Iva Dubská (40) graduated from the Technical College in Kladno.  She has been with CSA for quite a long time.  She joined the Technical division first, working in the Foreign Trade office.  She came to Cargo Sales and Marketing form the CSA Training Centre where she worked as a Specialist for IATA training.  Iva Dubska is married with a 15-year-old son.  She speaks English and Russian.  Among her hobbies she counts travelling, her family and her job.

    But life is constantly changing – and at the beginning of the summer there was another personnel change at CSA Cargo.  As of 31st July 2005, Milan Dorko, the Cargo Director, left his position at Czech Airlines.  A selection process has been started up and we will inform you soon about the results.  As of 1st August 2005, Pavel Janda was appointed acting director. 

    Pavel Janda (31) graduated from the Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics. He has been with CSA since 2000, and worked as a Cargo economist. Pavel Janda is single, with no children.  He speaks English and his hobbies are travelling, sport and film.


    On Wednesday, 29th June, we started our working day in a slightly different way than usual, but it was all the more pleasant.  Over cups of aromatic coffee and tea, with crispy croissants and tasty salads, we were accompanied by some of our loyal clients.
    CSA Cargo invited its most important business partners for a joint Wednesday working breakfast at the Diplomat Hotel. On this occasion, we had a chance to inform our most important business partners about the latest activities at CSA Cargo in an informal atmosphere. CSA Cargo management was introduced, especially the new Sales and Marketing department team; the results of the first six months of 2005 were recapped, and then information about current and planned events focused on promoting mutual cooperation were discussed.  Finally, there was an open discussion and comments, etc.  All of this was accompanied by the musical clinking of cutlery, but even more warming to CSA Cargo than the morning coffee was the satisfaction of our customers with our services.  We believe that all of our guests left the hotel with the same feeling of having had a pleasant and beneficial beginning to the day.  We are looking forward to other similar meetings planned for the future.


    CSA Cargo representatives, as SkyTeam Cargo alliance members – one of the largest airline alliances in the world, participated as exhibitors in the 10th international Transport Logistic fair in Munich.  The fair was held from 31st  May to 3rd June 2005 and was accompanied by an Air Cargo Europe exhibition along with an air transport congress.  It is one of the most important fairs in its field, not only in Europe, but worldwide.  Just as an example – more than 40 000 visitors from 81 countries participated in the fair.
    SkyTeam Cargo selected this event as an ideal opportunity to present its complete Variation Pharma product range.  These products are focused on medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological goods requiring special care and attention throughout their carriage, especially protection against extreme temperature and climate conditions.
    CSA Cargo managers not only strengthened their relationship with their alliance colleagues at the fair, but also discussed mutual cooperation with current, as well as potential future, business partners.  In a spacious and elegant kiosk, they welcomed many important customers, general sales agents and representatives of the media.  Last but not least, they had an opportunity to see and understand (and be inspired by) the offers of our competitors.
    Another important contribution of the Munich fair was participation in the accompanying conference on air cargo transport which is an important source of information for market prognosis.
    We believe that SkyTeam Cargo will in the future once again be very visible at the next Munich Transport Logistic conference!


    Since the 23rd May of this year, CSA has been providing handling to DHL aircraft and now a Boeing 757 in distinct bright red and yellow colours can be seen in the CSA Cargo Terminal parking bay. 


    Many of you are already familiar with CSA’s OK Plus Frequent Flyer programme (for further information see OK plus.  Being a member of this programme you can obtain also a Silver or a Gold OK Plus card.  And now you even have the chance to win these special cards as well.  If you win, you will profit from the exclusive benefits on CSA flights as well as on SkyTeam alliance partner flights until the end of 2006. 

    Who can win?  First of all, our biggest customers in terms of volume of traffic revenue (during the monitored period of time and in the defined territories) can.  However, as we value all of our customers, not only the largest, there is another category for “Jumper of the Year”. We hope you will be interested in this offer and we look forward to our future cooperation.

    Detailed rules

    Largest revenue

    • Monitored period: Q3 CY 2005
    • Criteria: volume of traffic revenue
    • Award ceremony: Octover 2005
    • Destinations for which applicable: Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourgh, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweeden, Libanon, Israel
    • Award: 
      - 1st place: 1 OK Plus Gold card and 2 OK Plus Silver cards
      - 2nd place: 1 OK Plus Gold card and 1 OK Plus Silver card
      - 3rd place: 1 OK Plus Silver card

    Best “jumper“

    • Monitored period:  June - November 2005
    • Criteria: growth in traffic revenue volume (in %) in comparison with the baseline of your revenue achieved in Q1 (i.e. Q1 is the baseline to be used for comparison =100%)
    • Award ceremony: December 2005
    • Destinations for which applicable: all destinations 
    • Award:
      - 1st place: 1 OK Plus Gold card
      - 2nd place: 1 OK Plus Silver card


    As of May 1, 2005 DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) officially authorized CSA to transport pets (i.e., cats, dogs and ferrets) to London Heathrow (for non-commercial purposes only!).

    If Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) conditions are followed, neither the import license or 6-month quarantine are required.  PETS conditions are valid for transportation from the EU countries and the listed non-EU countries only, and only for carriage on the listed air carriers.  
    In compliance with PETS UK, a passenger can collect his/her pet within several hours after arrival at Heathrow Airport.
    All pets must be shipped to the UK as cargo with the accompanying air waybill.  Under no circumstances can the pets be transported as cabin baggage or in the cabin.

    Detailed information for passengers departing from Prague is available here.
    Detailed information about transporting pets to the UK (and other European countries) is available at:

    Customer care line DEFRA: +44 870 241 1710
    Státní veterinární správa České Republiky (State Veterinary Authority in the Czech Republic):
    The relevant information is also available at.: 220 113 395.


    This is to inform you that the new list of extra charges is effective from April 1, 2005.  It applies to handling your shipments.  The price list is available  in the “Handling Services” section and in the CSA Cargo Customer Care centre.


    We are happy to announce that Martina Koutníková has been appointed to the position of “Manager, CSA Cargo Marketing and Sales” on April 1, 2005 following an open job selection process.

    Martina Koutníková graduated from the University of Economics, Prague – Management Department.  She came from České dráhy, a.s. (Czech Railways) where she worked as Manager – Sales, Marketing and Promotion in the area of IS/IT, and then as Manager – Training. 
    In 2004, she has been awarded a “Specialist in EU issues” certificate, and prepared a winning project budgeted from the EU Structural Funds in the Czech Republic.

    Martina Koutníková is married and has two daughters. Her hobby is sport.
    She speaks English, German and Russian.



    The summer flight schedule brings with it an increase in frequencies of KE flights from two weekly to three weekly flights from Prague to Seoul (PRG-ICN) as of March 27, 2005.  Flights are operated on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  CSA Cargo is KE’s general sales agent for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  Korean Air connects this route with other destinations in the regions of South Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean using an A330-200 type of aircraft.

    We will be happy to process your requests and orders, please call: 220 113 524; 220 114 183, 220 113 698.  We will answer all of your queries also at: 220 113 046 (Sales).


    Beginning with the Summer Season 2005, CSA has introduced new flights to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), to Skopje (Macedonia), and to Minsk (Belarus) from mid-May. Flights to Kuwait and Žilina (Slovakia) will begin in June.


    In March 2002, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) established an international standard ISPM 15 – “Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade” in order to prevent the dissemination of harmful organisms in packing materials.  The international standard concerns delivery of shipments in wooden packing materials, including Europallets, to the listed countries.

    The European Union adopted the standard as of March 1, 2005 in compliance with the decision of the European Commission 2004/102/ES (in the Czech Republic the wording of the decree is found in: “Vyhláška” 330/2004).  The import of all wooden packing materials from third countries is permitted only if such materials are treated and labelled in compliance with the requirements in the instructions mentioned above.  Otherwise the shipping station must not allow the shipping of such materials.  As of March 1, 2006 a new requirement becomes effective regarding the “debarking” of all wooden packing materials imported from third countries into the EU.

    CSA will accept consignments for shipping only if the following conditions are met:

    1) The wooden packing material is duly labelled
    The code must be readable, permanent, visibly placed, ideally on the two opposite sides of the packing/pallet.  Red and orange colours are not allowed.  Recycled, repeatedly processed or repaired wooden packing material must be certified and labelled again.

    2) A valid Phytosanitary certificate for the relevant packing material (if required by the country to which the shipment is being imported) issued by the relevant local department of the Phytosanitary Authority as per the consignee’s location. (see

    The pallet/packing label code must include:

    • The international symbol
    • The two-letter ISO code of the country followed by the identification number of the plant authorized by the SRS which treated the labelled material (CZ – XXX)
    • The abbreviation of the approved method, i.e., HT (Heat Treatment).
    • If debarking is required and completed, the DB (Debarked) abbreviation can be used, or, eventually, another code such as KD – kiln drying
      For further information please contact the relevant authorities in the individual countries or the State Phytosanitary Authority – Means of Mechanization department, Zemědělská 1a, 613 00 Brno. Tel.: 545 137 058, 545 137 037; fax: 545 321 202; e-mail:


    In order to increase the quality of rendered services, CSA Cargo launched a new handling process of export shipments as of March 1, 2005.  Such a change allows us to measure all important phases of the handling process in terms of time and it ensures the clarity and real time information on the process simultaneously.  Furthermore, the change ensures higher security in the door area of the warehouse where the shipments are monitored from the moment of their acceptance.  A detailed description of the new handling process is available here


    As of November 18, 2004 when China Airlines launched the first regular long haul cargo flight to Prague-Ruzyně Airport, CSA Cargo has been handling the Boeing 747-400F belonging to this airline.  Winning a customer such as China Airlines proves our proficiency, and the excellent capacity and technology of the CSA Cargo terminal.  The giant China Airlines jumbo operates on the route TPE–LUX–PRG–TPE twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays.


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