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CSA is in the process of launching, on a trial basis, a new sales-accounting system named "Sales Modul". The system will speed up the processing of account data.

Sales Modul will affect some business partners, to whom CSA AWB numbers will be given. For the smooth operation of this system, we ask our business partners to use the given AWB numbers only.

In case of any questions, or if you are interested in obtaining AWB stock, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Vavrova - phone 02/2011 3698.



Due to the launching of "Sales Modul", some changes have been made in the tariff structure to Germany. Only the rates M and N will be applied to this territory.



As we have already informed you, CSA requests that all our customers who export DGR have at least one employee with an IATA DGR certificate. To help all our partners to obtain this certificate, we are extending the period for obtaining it to 1 May 2002.

The next course, organized by the CSA Training Centre, will take place in April 2002. The cost is approximately 6 000,-CZK. Applications must be made by the end of 2001. (Contact Mrs. Dubská, ph. 02/2011 2487).



We would like to inform you that on 21, 26 and 28 December 2001 and on 2, 4 and 9 January 2002, CSA will utilise an A-310-300 aircraft on flight OK-388.
Because of this, CSA will be able to book more space for your consignments on those days. An A-310-300 Aircraft will be used on this flight again in March 2002.



As of 1 December 2001, Mrs. Michaela Kanakova began working in the Sales Department. Formerly, she worked for CSA in the Import Department.



Thanks to our close cooperation with our new alliance partner - Alitalia - we are able to offer you an extended amount of destinations. In the first days of the year 2002, you will obtain amendments to the price list, where you will see new, interesting destinations in Africa, North America and Asia operated by Alitatia.



In regards to transport of live animals, Emirates Airlines immediately requires written confirmation from a shipper, saying that a consignee will accept such a consignment at the arrival destination. Practically, this means that booking is not possible without the consignee´s written confirmation.
We kindly ask our customers always to have such confirmation when requesting live-animal transport with Emirates.



We would like to remind those of our customers who transport live animals of the valid conditions for such transportation: When exporting animals, the stall must bear the following information:

  • Shipper - name, address, phone number.
  • Consignee - name, address, phone number.
  • A person, that can be contacted regarding the matter of consignment (in cases where it is different than the shipper or consignee).
  • General English title and specialised Latin title - e.g., Reptiles/Varanus komodoensis.
  • Consignments of poisonous animals, that can bite or sting (bees or reptiles), the stall must be marked with "Poisonous".
  • Consignments of aggressive animals e.g. , birds, lizards, beasts, must be marked with the title "This animal bites".
  • The animal stall must contain information regarding the animal's feeding - when the last feeding of the animal was, and instructions on how to feed it.

When importing animals, the stall must have the following labels:

  • AVI label - leave the symbol of the animal being transported and cross out the others.
  • The number of animals and their general English title (e.g., 4 Cats) must be shown in the line reserved for kind of animal.
  • The labels "This way up" must be stuck on all sides of the animal.

Animals (kittens and puppies) that are younger then 3 months must not be accepted for transportation. The vaccination must be given, at the earliest, 2 months after birth and it is necessary to observe a waiting period of 30 days.

Putting the animal into a state of sleep before transportation is not recommended and it is dependant on the decision of a veterinarian. When inducing sleep, information regarding the sleep-inducing drug, the time it was given to the animal, and the route on which it was applied must be marked on the stall and enclosed along with the documentation.


New CSA Cargo rates are being distributed to our customers this week. The rate sheets are valid for the Winter 2001/2002 season.
The rates for CSA flights haven't been changed in the new price list.

However, please note the following changes have been made by our contracting partners:

  • rate reduction to Middle East and Far East destinations,
  • an increase to US destinations.

At the same time you will obtain Terminal charges which are valid from 1 November 2001 and are enclosed along with the price list.

We would like to point out the "Security Charge", which is applied on CSA flights from 15 October 2001 to cover increased costs arising from higher insurance policies for air transportation. CSA is observing the on-going developments in the air-fuel market and is ready to cancel the Fuel Surcharge in case of falling air-fuel prices.



Due to changes in passenger-transportation demand, CSA was forced to adjust its recently published timetable "Winter 2001/2002" (valid from 28 October 2001 to 30 March 2002).

  • The flight OK-052/053 PRG-EWR-PRG will not be operating from 20 November 2001
  • The Tuesday flight OK-050/051 PRG-JFK-PRG will not be operating from 19 November 2001 to 30 March 2002
  • from 20 November 2001 to 17 December 2001 and from 7 January 2002 to 30 March 2002, the Monday flight OK-050/051 PRG-JFK-PRG will be operating
  • B-737-400 aircraft will be used for the CSA flight to Dubai, instead of the planned A-310 aircraft 


The basic import and export handling charge remains unchanged, although some new handling charges have been established. We would like to point them out:

  • Airway bill issuing (AWC fee) CZK 200,- (involving those customers whom CSA issues AWB at the CSA Cargo Terminal - Prague Airport).
  • Obtaining a transit licence for consignments of arms and munitions (TRC fee) CZK 1500,-.
  • Issuing of "CCA" - (Charges Correction Advice) - (MCC fee) CZK 300,-.
  • 100 % pøíplatek k základnímu manipulaènímu poplatku v exportu u zásilek živých zvíøat a lidských ostatkù.
  • 100 % surcharge on basic export terminal charge - handling of live animals and human remains.
  • 100 % surcharge to the basic terminal charge for import express handling


We would like to mention, that CSA Cargo provides express handling with guaranteed shipping and a minimised processing time, i.e., "Equation". This new product was introduced in the year 2001 and transportation is offered to the following destinations: Frankfurt, Paris, London, Helsinki, Birmingham and Manchester and New York JFK. We would be pleased to supply you with any further information you may need.



We remind you of the charge established by the US Customs House in July 1997, regarding customs procedures for shipments terminating in the USA, is still valid. This charge is CZK 150,- per shipment and is charged, due shipper, to the basic terminal charge.



We would like to remind you that shipments to Beirut cannot be shipped separately due to customs reasons. We advise you to send approximately 500 kg on one AWB in order to avoid problems with Lebanese customs officials.



According to the needs of our customers, CSA Cargo provides services during the following operating hours:

Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday
Export - 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.Export - 7:30 a. m. - 2 p.m.closed
Import - 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.Import - 7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.closed
Tariffs - 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.Tariffs - 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.closed

After prior arrangement with the management of CSA Cargo - Operations, it is possible to hand over your consignment outside of these above-listed operating hours.
On week-days, CSA Cargo is able to hand over your consignments 24 hours a day.

Extra security arrangements at CSA Cargo Terminal

Due to the events of 11 September 2001 in the USA, a greater level of attention is being given to air-transport security by all carriers. Among the security precautions taken is the x-raying of all export consignments, which of course, extends the consignment handling period.

We kindly ask you to observe the following conditions when delivering your consignments:

  1. the consignments must always be completely ready to go, and must be delivered early enough before the flight's departure
  2. if possible, deliver the consignments on Europaletes, so we do not have to x-ray each consignment separately
  3. We also remind you, that according to new FAA regulations, all export consignments to USA which cannot be x-rayed, must be kept for 48 hours in our warehouse. For your information, the front dimensions of our x-ray are 120 x 120 cm.

Support for BRITISH AIRWAYS precautions

In regards to an incident from the summer of this year where a large amount of non-declared cargo was shipped from Prague, British Airways World Cargo (BAWC) established strict requirements for the observation of dangerous goods regulations, in order to ensure safety and correct documentation procedure. CSA Cargo expresses its full support for these safety precautions.

Each agency should have the actual IATA DGR at its disposal and at least one worker should have an IATA DGR certificate. CSA will apply this standard for co-operation with all agencies from 1 January 2002. We remind you that your workers can acquire these IATA certificates through the CSA Training Centre. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Iva Dubska, at phone number: 02/2011 2394.

Air transport carriers often grapple with the problem of incomplete Air Way Bills (AWBs) missing some sheets. Photocopies must be made of the missing sheets, and this is expensive and time-consuming. It is necessary for export AWBs to contain copies 1,2,4,5,6, and 7. We would like to point out that CSA reserves the right not to accept AWBs which do not contain these copies.

We would like to point out as well, that the shipper who is signed at the right-hand bottom corner of the AWB has the full responsibility towards the carrier for the contents of the consignment. So if your agency's name is given instead of the real shipper's name, you are fully responsible for the contents of the consignment.

It is necessary:

  • to show on the AWB the full address of the consignee, including the phone number
  • to determine the commodity in the most specific way possible
  • to check the customer's information about the consignment's weight

If there are any doubts regarding the contents of the consignment, such a consignment is automatically excluded from transport.

It is also necessary to make a difference between ´other charges` due carrier and ´other charges` due agent, and to insert the ´other charges` into the proper columns. The AWB must be filled in correctly, and must contain all copies. This will be strictly checked and in cases where charges are shown incorrectly, CSA reserves the right to correct those AWBs. They will be corrected by CCA (Cargo Charges Correction Advice) and the corrections will be charged.

We believe that all the above-mentioned necessary restrictions will be accepted with your full understanding. We want to ensure the maximum level of safety for our passengers and to provide the seamless transport of your consignments.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.  

Higher Cargo capacity to USA

Due to a present reduction in passengers travelling from Prague to New York, it is possible to extend the capacity for cargo transportation on this route. CSA is now able to transport cargo in higher weight categories and volumes than usual. Please, book space in the standard way through the Space Control department or the Sales department. Thank you.

Express consignments on CSA flights

CSA, as a member of the SkyTeam Cargo Alliance, launched its express product - "Equation CSA" on 7 July 2001. This new product, designed for urgent time definite deliveries, is available on flights between Prague and Frankfurt, Paris, Helsinki, London - Heathrow, London - Stansted , Birmingham and Manchester. The standards of this product are at the same level as that of our partners in the SkyTeam Cargo Alliance.

Equation offers the shortest possible acceptance and availability times while guaranteeing "flown as booked" performance.

The number of destinations offered is to expand in the future. For example, as of 15 July 2001, New York was added to our destination map.

Information regarding this product, and the prices related to it, are available upon calling the Infoline: 02/2011 5333.

Alitalia and Sky Team Cargo

The Cargo Executive World meeting took place in Prague on 29 August 2001. At this meeting Alitalia, the Italian national carrier, joined Sky Team Cargo.

SkyTeam Cargo Welcomes Alitalia Cargo as its Newest Member

AlitaIia Cargo Enhances SkyTeam's Global Route Network, Becoming the Largest Global Air Freight Network Out of Europe
Delta Air Logistics Corporate Communications

ATLANTA, Aug. 29, 2001 -- SkyTeam Cargo, a global airline cargo alliance committed to providing customers with the most enhanced benefits, today at its executive board meeting in Prague welcomed its newest member, Alitalia Cargo, as an official member. The SkyTeam Cargo alliance was founded by Aeromexico Cargo, Air France Cargo, CSA Czech Airlines Cargo, Delta Air Logistics and Korean Air Cargo.

With Alitalia Cargo, which has a fleet of two Boeing 747-200 freighters and one Boeing 747-400 freighter, SkyTeam Cargo will offer the largest global network out of Europe.

"By joining SkyTeam Cargo, Alitalia is proceeding in its development strategy aimed at creating a broader offer to its clients by enhancing the network geographical coverage and its product portfolio," said Massimo Panagia, Alitalia's Cargo and Logistic managing director.

Alitalia\'s dual hub airport operations at Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino will further enhance one of the most efficient hub systems in the world. With the addition of Alitalia, customers will have access to 869 additional daily flights to 21 new destinations in six additional countries served by Alitalia's fleet of 166 modern aircraft.

Alitalia Cargo operates from its main hubs in Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino to more than 100 destinations worldwide, 40 of which have palletized cargo-handling capacity. The Cargo and Logistic division employs 750 people with more than 120 offices throughout the world. Alitalia Cargo operates in traditional business segments, such as general cargo and mail, as well as innovative segments to meet the customers\' diverse transportation needs.

SkyTeam Cargo is the first global airline cargo alliance created around the customer, aligning Aeroméxico, Air France, Alitalia, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air. Through one of the world's most extensive hub networks, SkyTeam Cargo offers its customers a worldwide system of 8,000 daily flights covering all the major destinations where nearly 80 percent of the world's traffic flies, while still providing a consistent standard of performance, quality and detailed attention to service. In 2000, SkyTeam Cargo partners carried 15 billion freight ton kilometers throughout the world. For more information, please go to

CSA Cargo results for first half-year 2001

CSA carried 7 849 tons of cargo and mail on its flights in the first six months of the year 2001. This is the same amount as the amount carried last year over the same period. 13 145 tons of cargo were checked out of the CSA Cargo Terminal in the first half-year of 2001, so year on year this is 13 percent more.

Performance of forwarders in the Czech Republic

CSA gained most of its transport revenues from partner forwarding agencies in the first half-year of 2001.

The TOP 5 for this period were
  • Schenker Logistics
  • Cechofracht
  • Cargo Partner CR
  • Danzas
  • E.S.T.

CSA to attend Transport and Logistic Fair - Brno, Czech Republic 24 - 28 Sept. 2001

CSA Cargo will participate in this important event, taking place concurrently with the International Engineering Fair. Numerous forwarding agents, logistic and transport companies attend this fair this year. We are looking forward to your visiting at our booth there - Number 63 in Pavilion A.

Termination of CSA operation to Allepo

As a result of low demand for transportation to/from Allepo, CSA is abandoning this service on 29 September 2001.

CSA providing cargo handling for Belavia and Odessa Airlines

As of 11 June 2001, CSA has been providing the handling of cargo for the Belorussian company Belavia and for the Ukrainian company Odessa Airlines. Odessa Airlines plans to begin regular operations between Prague and Odessa in September 2001.

Personnel change in the CSA Cargo Sales Department

As of 1 July 2001, Mrs. Hana Zalejska began working in the Sales Department/Acquisition. She replaces Mr. David Kremlicka in the position of Cargo Sales Representative.


SkyTeam welcomes CSA Cargo

On 23 April 2001, Czech Airlines became an official member of Sky Team Cargo - the global airline cargo alliance founded by Aeroméxico, Air France, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air. The announcement of CSA's membership occured in Los Angeles, one month after CSA entered into Sky Team. CSA Cargo is the brand name under which CSA handles its cargo activities.

What services and advantages can the Sky Team Cargo alliance offer to customers and users of cargo transport?

  • A choice of a consistent standard of products/services which will be adapted to the customer's needs.
  • Sky Team Cargo wishes to offer the smooth, seamless flow of cargo shipments to the final destination. To reach this aim, Sky Team Cargo wish concentrate its handling process under one roof wherever it is feasible.
  • The global offer of destinations.
  • Members of Sky Team Cargo will aim at preparing a one stop sales net, so the customer can get complete service at one place of sale.
  • Sky Team Cargo will seek other ways of bringing down costs, e.g., common purchase of services and equipment.

The Sky Team Cargo alliance was formed for a 10-year period with the possibility of extending the Alliance Agreement, if members are interested, and if the results reached correspond with presumed goals.

New possibility for transport to the Inland of USA

As of 1May 2001, we offer to our customers a brand new possibility for the transport of cargo consignments to the inland of the USA. Cargo transport from Prague to New York (JFK and EWR) is with CSA, and then a continuing connection by truck transport to USA destinations with the company 3A - Alliance Airlines.

Let us highlight some advantages of this method of transportation:

  • 3A guarantees, that cargo is checked out from New York to the final destination the same day it arrives in New York
  • there are no capacity restrictions for continuing transport beyond New York, except restrictions caused by the character of the Airbus 310 airplane type
  • the short time period involved for continuing transportation, which in some cases, is even shorter than airplane service:
    • Boston - overnight
    • Philadelphia - overnight
    • Atlanta - 1 day
    • Chicago - 1 day
    • Houston - 2 days
    • Miami - 2 days
    • Los Angeles - 4 days
  • in most cases, cargo goes directly to the final destination without any other re-loading
  • the entire time the consignment is on its way, you can track it either on ( or directly on 3A's Web-site (
  • the prices to most destinations are lower than when using air transportation, you may get information regarding prices from our info line: +420 2 2011 5333
  • easy booking procedures, only with CSA Cargo

Increasing CSA Cargo Offer

On the 1 May 2001, a Commercial Co-operation Agreement with Travel Service (QS) became valid. Thanks to this agreement, we can now offer you transport with QS by using CSA AWB (064). This CSA offer includes new destinations such as Tunis (TUN), Hurghada (HRG), Las Palmas (LPA), Tenerife (TFS) and further flights to Tel Aviv (TLV).

You may get information regarding prices from our info line: +420 2 2011 5333.

Organizational changes within CSA Cargo

As of the 1 May 2001, the Export and Import departments have been combined into one department, with ing. Libuse Kralova as its manager. At the same time, new supervisor functions have been established - for Import, Mrs. Libuse Budinska, and for Export, Mrs. Vera Schwarzova. Director of Sales and Operations - Mr. Marek Drvota (speaks Czech). We are currently finalising the update of contacts to all agencies cooperating with CSA world-wide. You will be able to find the contacts on our web site.


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