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Equation - On Time Delivery

Equation is a product offering the convenient on-time delivery of shipments, with immediate boarding on the first available flight and the shortest handling time. It is the best solution for your urgent and important shipments. More information can be found here.

Dimension - Simple and Reliable

Dimension, Czech Airlines Cargo primary service, is a shipping option that will ensure basic, reliable, on-time, airport-to-airport cargo delivery. Dimension will handle shipment requests for all commodities not requiring special handling specifications, particularly consolidated shipments.


Cohesion - Synergy and Delivery Just in Time

Cohesion offers fully customized shipping by collaborating with shippers and forwarders to provide solutions for some or most of the logistics chain. Customers work with Czech Airlines Cargo on network capacities, origin, recovery and transfer times, as well as rates. The Cohesion product is aimed at satisfying shippers who work on a "Just In Time" (JIT) basis, with frequent shipments, such as aeronautics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and electronics manufacturers.


Variation - Professional and Specialized

Variation is a highly specialized service adapted to the shipping demands of particular goods/commodities, including valuable, live and perishable goods, as well as shipments requiring special handling. Shipments have no minimum weight limits, and maximum weight limits will be adjusted according to the aircraft's loading restrictions.

  • One-off arrangements and specialized logistics in order to ship works of art under optimal conservation and security conditions.
  • Handle with special care during ground transport at each airport to ensure minimum impact.
  • Each shipment is carried out to specific instructions in complete transparency and optimal security.

  • Provides the technological and logistical means to transport goods that are extremely large, heavy or atypical.
  • Experts guarantee professional handling, i.e. palletization, tie-down, loading and unloading.

  • Designed specifically for the carriage of dangerous goods.
  • In strict compliance with regulations and technical instructions of IATA and ICAO.
  • Czech Airlines Cargo has extensive experience in the transport and handling of dangerous goods.

  • Safe transport for temperature-sensitive perishables.
  • High priority during ramp handling.

  • Products with short life spans which will benefit from priority loading.
  • Appropriate ground facilities and equipment enable Czech Airlines Cargo to guarantee the freshness of products we carry and the respectful handling of fragile shipments.
  • Perishables are safely protected from such adverse weather conditions as direct sun, snow, rain, etc..

  • Guarantees the transport of all live animals in optimum conditions of safety, comfort and hygiene. 
  • The highest priority in reservation.
  • Czech Airlines Cargo complies with IATA Live Animals Regulations throughout the entire route.

  • Designed for the transport of  IATA Valuable Goods.
  • Goods stored in vault or safe on the ground until departure or pick-up. 

  • Protected storage and anonymity reinforce high security levels for high-tech cargo or goods with a substantial strategic or commercial value.
  • Warehouse storage under permanent supervision.

  • Air transport of all types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, etc.. 
  • Any kind of vehicle can be transported using special equipment.
  • Czech Airlines Cargo professionals check the loadability of all vehicles prior to air transport.

  • Product designed specifically for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical goods that need to be kept between 2°C and 8°C.
  • Reservation required for entire routing.

  • Ideal solution for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical goods that require protection from extreme temperatures and weather conditions and which must be kept at room temperature.
  • Reservation required for entire routing.
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