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Our handling partner, Skyport will inform you on the delivery of your consignment to the bonded storeroom. Together with the arrival notice, you will receive copies of the air waybill and of the invoice for the goods delivered. Quoted in the arrival notice are the freight charges to be paid, unless they were paid in advance, and handling charges by the day of issue of the arrival notice.

If you know the air waybill number, you can find on-line information regarding your consignment here.

Procedure for collecting a consignment

Upon presenting all required documents in the Skyport customer centre, you will receive the original air waybill and other applicable documents (phytopathological or sanitary certificates on the harmless nature of the goods, etc.).
Documents required when collecting a consignment

  • Proof of identity (an Identity Card) and, if applicable, authorization to withdraw the goods and authorization for the customs procedure for the customs office
  • The number of the air waybill, or the consignment arrival notice

In addition, firms and forwarding companies should present:

  • The document regarding the tax identification number (DIC) allocation
  • The Extract from the Business Register, the Trade Licence, and the Import Licence, if applicable.

Customs clearance

Before being removed from Skyport storage, each consignment from "third countries" must be deliberated on (free circulation, transit to the inland customs office, etc.) by the customs office. The customs office will certify the release of the consignment by imprinting the original of the air waybill with its stamp.

The seat of the customs office is in the Airport Business Centre administration building opposite the terminal building of Prague-Ruzyne Airport.

Documents required for customs clearance:

  • original of the air waybill
  • Uniform Customs Declaration or Transit Customs Declaration
  • commercial invoice
  • other accompanying documents certifying the origin, character, or harmless nature of the goods being imported, if applicable

It is the responsibility of the customs office to determine the appropriate release of the goods. The Transit Customs Declaration or Uniform Customs Declaration forms may be completed either by you, in person, or you may use the services of a forwarding company. For more detailed information on customs clearance, please contact the customs office staff.

Storage charge, handling, issue

After completion of customs procedures you will proceed to the cash desk, on the ground floor of the Skyport administration building, where you will pay the handling charge, and also freight and storage charges, if applicable. After this, with the assistance of the bonded storeroom personnel, you may pick up your consignment.

Shipments are delivered by the Skyport at the Import department. 

Claims for shipments

Should you find any damage to the packaging or content of your shipment when collecting it, kindly immediately inform the staff of the Skyport import department. The Skyport staff will then check the extent of damage together with you and prepare a damage report. The customer will always receive the original of the report. Your damage compensation has to be then claimed in writing at: Czech Airlines Cargo, Reklamace (Claims), Ruzyně Airport, 160 08 Prague 6, Czech Republic. For detailed information, please contact us at: tel. +420 220 113 343, e-mail:

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