STEP 1 – Identification

You can find the Internet Check-in option directly on the main page of the Czech Airlines website – Complete the form and press Check In. The link More about Internet Check-in will display detailed information and alternative methods of identification for Internet Check-in (see below).

The information you need to fill in can be found in the e-ticket itinerary (see below).

Click on the More about Internet Check-in link for one of the alternative methods of identification for check-in:

1) Identification using your name, surname, and flight information
If you cannot find the number of your electronic ticket, you can identify yourself with your name, surname, and date, point of departure, and flight number for selected departure points.

2) Identification using frequent flyer programme data and point of departure
If you are a member of a frequent flyer programme, you can use your FFP card number for selected points of departure. The condition is that your FFP card number was listed in your booking. This method of identification is currently only available for the Czech Airlines OK Plus frequent flyer programme.


STEP 2 – Passenger Selection

If your registration contains several passengers, a screen will be displayed for the selection of the persons for whom you want to make the Internet Check-in. You can check in all of the persons at the same time, or only selected passengers. If the booking is for one person only, this step will be skipped. We recommend that you check in everyone at the same time.


STEP 3 – Flight Selection

In this step, the flights from your booking will be displayed for which you can check in. The first flight is always selected automatically, but you can also select other, connecting flights for check-in. We recommend that you mark all connecting flights for check in. Press Continue to go to the next step.


STEP 4 – APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System)

When checking in for certain destinations (Cyprus, United Kingdom, USA, etc.), the so-called APIS form (Advance Passenger Information System) must be completed, which is required by the government authorities of the country of destination. If this information is not required by the government authorities of the country of destination, this step will be skipped.

The following form will be displayed when you click on the passenger’s name. To fill in your information, use the travel document you will have on you at the airport. The information provided is usually checked by an airport agent before you board the aircraft. Your citizen identification card can only be used to travel to certain countries. For certain countries of destination (e.g., the USA), certain additional APIS information is required (permanent address and address in the country of destination).

If all of the information has been filled in correctly, the system will return you to the previous screen and mark off the passenger for whom APIS information has been filled in (see the following picture).

You must fill in the information for all passengers. Only then can you continue by pressing Continue (see the following picture).


STEP 5 – Confirmation Details

When a successful check-in has been made, the system will display an overview of your flights and give you the option to change your seat selection and edit your frequent flyer programme number.

If you want to change the seat that has been allocated to you, press Change. The following window will be displayed, where you can choose a suitable seat, by following the legend, and confirm it by pressing Confirm seat selection change.

If you wish to edit or supplement the information concerning your frequent flyer programme, press Edit. You can enter the number in the frequent flyer programme of any SkyTeam Alliance member or of other partners whose programmes are recognised by Czech Airlines.


STEP 6 – Printing Your Boarding Pass

In the last step, you will print your boarding pass and itinerary, if relevant. You can go directly to your departure gate with your boarding pass. If you want to check in your baggage, please go to the “Baggage Drop-off” desk. After your documents have been successfully printed, you can close your Internet browser.

Your boarding pass and itinerary are provided in PDF format, for which you need the Acrobat Reader or another program that can display the format. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge here: