Internet Check-in

Everything you need to know about Internet Check-in

On this page, you can find basic information about checking in over the Internet

When can I use Internet Check-in for my flight with Czech Airlines?

You can check in for your flight via the Internet provided you have purchased an electronic ticket for a Czech Airlines flights.

Internet Check-in is available no earlier than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight, and can be used up to 35 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Internet Check-in can be used for flights from the following destinations:

to all destinations operated by Czech Airlines or its code-share partners (flights with the code OK).

When checking in for certain destinations (Cyprus, United Kingdom, USA, etc.), the so-called APIS form (Advance Passenger Information System) must be completed, which is required by the government authorities of the country of destination. If this information is not required by the government authorities of the country of destination, this step will be skipped.

If you have not succeeded in checking in via the Internet, please use the standard check-in at a check-in counter at the airport, or contact our Call Centre at: +420 239 007 570.

We have checked in over the Internet for our flight.  How long before our flight should we be at the airport?

Electronic Ticket (e-ticket)

What is an e-ticket?
E-ticket is an abbreviation for electronic ticket.  It is a digital ticket that is saved in our booking system.  This ticket is issued and confirmed electronically and has the same validity as a printed ticket.

What is an e-ticket number?
Use this number to enter the Internet Check-in service.  The e-ticket number is a specific number stated on your electronic ticket confirmation.  In most cases, it is a 13-digit number.  In the event of a 14-digit number, please use only the first 13 digits. 

Where do I find my e-ticket number?
You e-ticket number is listed in your e-ticket confirmation.  In most cases, it is a 13-digit code.  In the event of a 14-digit code, please use only the first 13 digits.  If you have booked your ticket, or had your ticket issued, via a travel agency, and you have not received an e-ticket number, contact your travel agent to obtain your e-ticket number and/or your booking code.

What is a booking code?
You receive your booking code when making your booking.  The booking code consists of 6 characters (figures and/or letters).  You can find this code on your booking confirmation.  The synonyms used in English for booking code include confirmation code and reservation number.

What is a flight number?
It is the number of the flight you have reserved, according to the flight schedule.  The number is printed on your electronic ticket or on your booking confirmation.  The number contains two letters and four digits (e.g., OK3778).

When am I not able to use Internet Check-in?  You cannot use the Internet Check-in Service when:

In the situations listed above, please use the standard airport check-in.

Checking in Baggage?

Where can I drop off my baggage at the airport?

I am only carrying cabin baggage.  Does check-in apply to me?
If you are travelling with only carry-on baggage, and you have a boarding pass issued via the Internet Check-in, you can proceed directly to your GATE.  Please be at your gate at the time marked on your boarding pass (Boarding Time).

Step 1 – Your Information

When using Internet Check-in, it is essential that you enter the requested data correctly.  In the text below, you will learn about the most important steps and terms required for using Internet Check-in.     

Important Information and Data

What is a class code?
Airlines use various codes for denoting flight classes.  Czech Airlines uses the following codes:

Can I check in for my inbound flight using the Internet Check-in?
If your booking includes an inbound flight on the day of the departure of your outbound flight, or on the following day, you can check in for your inbound flight – but only if you are checking in via the Internet no more than 24 hours prior to your inbound flight.

Example: For the trip Prague (PRG) – London Heathrow (LHR) – Prague (PRG) all flown in one day, with the departure of the outbound flight, OK650, at 12.35, returning on OK649 at 21.15 (+1), you can check in during the evening of the day prior (from 22.15 CET on).

Can I check in my colleague or friend who is travelling with me?
If you have a joint booking with the person travelling with you, or if you know the other passenger’s booking code, you can check the other passenger in via the Internet.

What is a frequent flyer number?
A frequent flyer number is your membership number in an airline’s loyalty programme (Czech Airline’s is called the OK Plus programme).  If you enter your frequent flyer number, miles for your flight will be added to your account.  You can also request adding your miles subsequently. 

Where can I find my frequent flyer number?
You can check your membership number on your frequent flyer programme account statement.  If you have any questions, please contact the airline having the frequent flyer programme of which you are a member.

For whom is there an assistance service?
Czech Airlines offers a special facility and assistance service for persons with reduced mobility, in order to ensure that they have a safe and pleasant flight.

Why do I need to confirm that “all of the above passengers have their own passports and the required visas for the destination country”?
Legal regulations require every passenger to have a valid passport and the visas required for the final destination of his flight.  That is why, when checking in another passenger via the Internet, you also need to confirm that fact on their behalf.

Step 2 – Select the Seat You Prefer

In Step 2 of the Internet Check-in, you can select a seat for yourself and the passengers travelling with you.

How does it work?
The Internet Check-in service allows for the possibility of changing your seat selection.  Just click on “Change” and select the screen “Select preferred seat”.  Seats that are available are shown on the seat map.  Until you finally confirm your seat selection, you can change your seating at your leisure. 

Can I change my choice of seat after I have confirmed my seat selection?
As long as you are on the seat map, you can change your seat selection at your leisure.  Once you have confirmed your choice, your seat cannot be changed.

I have a problem finding an available seat.  What should I do?
Seat availability differs depending on the type of aircraft, destination, date of flight, and carrier.  In isolated cases, the availability of Internet Check-in may be limited for operational reasons, and the available seats may not be displayed on the Internet.  Please use the regular check-in at the airport.

Step 3  Print Your Boarding Pass

In Step 3, you will be able to print your travel documents.  The form of documents available for printing depends on the equipment available at the airport of your departure.

When you click on the print button, the documents you need for your trip will be printed up.

Important Information and Data

What type of documents can I print up?
Depending on the equipment available at the airport, you can print the following documents.

When is it not possible to print up a boarding pass?
The Internet Check-in service is available for departures from selected airports, and for most destinations flown to from that airport.  Nevertheless, due to security, immigration, or airport restrictions, certain airports do not boast the necessary equipment.  In those cases, you can request to have your confirmation and boarding pass printed at the Drop-Off Counter.

I have problems printing up my boarding pass.  What should I do?
When you complete Step 3, your check-in is completed (it has been entered into the system).  If you do not succeed in printing up your boarding pass, you can ask to have it printed at the Drop-Off Counter.

Can I print up a boarding pass for the person travelling with me?
When you travel with another person who has already checked in through the Internet Check-in service, you can print his/her travel documents.